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I'm not a Luna fan, but I dawww'd.
Sep 30th, 2013quote
Are those the elements on his neck? They look pretty damn close.
Sep 30th, 2013quote
So this is Discord during his college days eh?
Sep 30th, 2013quote
i like this headcanon
Oct 3rd, 2013quote
"Hello! My name is Celestia! And this is my sister luna! You must be our new teacher! Can we be friends? You look nice! What are you? Are you a zebra? Or are you a lion? Oh i know! You are a goat! A walking, Talking, Goggle-wearing goat!"

"I am a draconequus, and they are not 'goggles' They are glasses."

"They make you look stupid."

"And you are a 10-year-old hanging around a collage."

"This is my regular school!"


"Nice to meet you, new teacher!"
Nov 1st, 2014quote

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